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Tell me about the AimFit App?

For online workouts, You can join the AimFit App to get access to more than 500+ workouts and 100+ Live Workouts. You can access a variety of different programs ,Dance to Yoga, weight training to HIIT and pilates. You can workout anytime ,anywhere.

What are the charges for online workouts?

Our classes are conducted by the most senior and professional instructors which cost PKR 2999/month that includes customized workout plans as well as meal plans.

Will I be able to contact the instructors through the App?

You will have an onboarding call with one of our instructors who will suggest a workout plan based on your workout history and goal. An AimFit Coach will be with you throughout, monitoring your progress and motivating you along the way. For the live classes, there will be a two way camera where the instructor will be able to look at your postures .

Tell me about your programs.

Aimfit is a fitness studio where we offer group fitness classes . We have various classes for all ages and fitness backgrounds. There is ComboFit (which is a level 1 of cardio and strength, also for beginners), YogaFlow (focusing on strength and flexibility), PowerPilates, (neuromuscular strength training that focuses on mobility with stability and muscular endurance), DanceFit (Level 2 cardio class), and we have other high-intensity class like LIFT (which is a weight-training class). We also offer the HIIT Challenge which is an advanced High-Intensity Interval Training Challenge.

Tell me about studio prices.

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Where are you located?

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